Workshop Information



Who needs to attend?
Our church is serious about protecting children and vulnerable people and becoming a safe environment for everyone.  This means that all Pastors (including Chaplains and active retired Pastors), Lay Workers, employees , Elders, Lay Assistants, Sunday School Teachers, youth leaders, members of any congregational committees, and all involved in ministry to children and young people are required to undergo this training and update every three years.

What's it about?
There are two related areas to our training. The first revolves around the "Safe Place" Policy of the church introduced in 1997. This deals with the important issue of adult to adult abuse and harassment within the church. The second aspect grows out of the special needs of children and young people (those below 18) in our care. State legislation requires congregations to comply with special risk management strategies. The workshop explores our responsibilities to children and gives lots of information concerning the ChildSafe policy of the church.  There is also a brief introduction to Safety Management Online which assists congregations applying this policy and recording and storing necessary records.

We believe it’s important that even leaders of congregations who aren't specifically involved in ministry to children should understand the basics of the Child Safe Policy.  Not only does this enable congregational leaders to appreciate the work and responsibilities of Youth Leaders but also to be challenged to consider similar safeguards and procedures for the congregation's work with all other age groups. 

Refresher Workshop
For those who have attended the initial 6 hour Professional Standards Workshop we are now able to offer a Refresher Workshop (4 hours). In this Workshop there is more of an emphasis on the practical. You will be assisted in actually doing a Risk Assessment. It is essential that all who attend this workshop have completed the first workshop.

When are they held?
Saturdays are usually the only days that make a 6 hour workshop possible. However, if your congregation would like to try something different, we are open to your suggestions (e.g. one congregation asked for the workshop to be split over two evenings in consecutive weeks.)  The 4 hour Refresher Workshop is often held on a Sunday afternoon, especially if the Saturday is used for 6 hour Workshop.

There is a cost of $35 per person for the 6 hour Workshop, and $30 for the Refresher Workshop. The material costs are almost $15 and the rest subsidizes our transport costs so that we are able to charge the same amount all over Queensland.

When congregations make one payment for more than 10 members we offer an overall discount of 10%, and for more than 20 the discount is 20%.