Safety Management Online


An important part of ChildSafe is the online management system.

Here are some of the things this programme makes possible for your congregation: 

  • Record everyone in your congregation working with children/young people. Track their completion of the steps involved in being appointed.
  • Record people's completion of relevant training.
  • Record the status of programs and events against ChildSafe's Permission to Proceed standards for Risk Management.
  • Allows all users to login and gain access to processes relating to their level of appointment (Team Member, Team Leader, Coordinator, Risk Management Officer).
  • All users can undertake Online Training modules with quizzes and tests. Test results are stored and once passed the module is credited to a person's record.
  • All users can access and download resources (forms, training materials) relevant to their level of appointment.
  • Team Leaders are guided through the Permission to Proceed process. As part of this, a comprehensive safety planning process is provided for activities and programs.
  • An Incident reporting system is provided to facilitate the recording and analysis of incidents within your congregation.
  • All information is securely stored online.

 The first step, if you are interested, is for the leaders of your congregation to attend a Professional Standards Workshop where they will be trained as a ChildSafe Team Member.   From there someone with a concern for your congregation’s ministry to children/young people can be selected for further training and be put into the system as the Coordinator for your congregation.  It is then up to the Coordinator to set up the details of your own programmes and personnel.

If you would like to know more, please contact
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Once a congregation has appointed a Coordinator and the Professional Standards Unit has been notified, that person will be added to the SMO site.

Their duties may include things like:

  • Managing the Team Leaders of the congergation - including their appointment, oversight and and disciplinary action where necessary.  (This person may share this work with a committee of the congregation.)
  • Providing permission for a program to proceed, (or recommending it be given by the Congregaion's Church Council) based on the proper completion of safety planning.
  • Ensuring the safety of events including managing Incident Reports, Child Protection matters, and involvement in the Emergency Response process.
  • Setting up the SMO website for their congregation, and helping Team Leaders and Members use that website.