Blue Cards


All Pastors, active retired Pastors and Church Workers must have a valid Blue Card and its details recorded at the LCAQD Office.

Chaplains who are also registered teachers who wish to participate in a congregation’s ministry in any way must either have a valid Blue Card or an Exemption Card.

 Blue Cards are valid for three years. The current cost is $78.65 and this is an allowable tax claim.

Pastors are required to use the Form BCB for "self employed person"

When filling out Part A - Category of child-related activity please enter the details as indicated below. 


This will mean that we receive official notification of the renewal of your card and can record the information from that letter.

If the form you are filling out does not have this box it means that you are not using the correct form.  


Teachers and Police Officers

Registered teachers and Police Officers are not required to hold a blue card if they work with children in your congregation. However, if they do not hold a Blue Card, both teachers and police officers need to hold an Exemption Card.  Information and Forms are available.

The details of this exemption card will need to be listed on congregation's Blue Card register. As with the Blue Cards, the web pages explain that – "Organisations must also inform the Commission if an existing exemption card holder joins their organisation. This enables the Commission to notify the organisation of any relevant changes to that person's exemption notice status, including changes in their police information."

Blue Card Register

Each year a congregation needs to complete the Blue Card Register form. It is available here in Word or PDF format.

Did you know?

Volunteers (unless exempt) must hold a valid blue card before they can commence volunteer work.

If people’s address or phone number change, they should inform Blue Card Service.  Please check your obligations.

If a person in the congregation has obtained a blue card through another organization/employer and wants to use it for a role in the church, they need to fill out an "Authorisation to confirm a valid card/application" form.

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